Dynamic Fingerskateboard Accessories

Solid construction

Solid construction

Dynamic 32mm Trucks complement any board perfectly. These trucks are here to provide you with a new experience and professional fingerboard performance.

Sleek design

Sleek design

Featuring a slim sweeping front profile along with a unique rear profile allows these trucks to stand out without sacrificing functionality.


  • Single Axle

    32mm wide, single axles allow single bearing wheels to fit and spin perfectly on your trucks.

  • Precision Baseplate

    Lightweight but sturdy baseplates allow easy setup on any board with the provided mounting screws.

  • Lock Nuts

    Each wheel is held on by a high quality locking nut that does not fall off through your longest fingerboarding sessions.

  • Lowered Kingpin

    Locking kingpins sit lower in the truck to prevent scraping on grinds and slides.

Buy Dynamic Trucks - 32mm

$ 39.00


Do dual bearing wheels fit these trucks?

Currently, the best fitting wheels are single bearing wheels labeled "BRR Edition."

What bushings are compatible?

Any standard bushings are compatible. Bushings that fit Tech Deck trucks and Black-river trucks will also fit Dynamic 32mm Trucks.

How loose or tight can I ride these trucks?

The trucks feature a longer pivot pin so the hanger does not fall out of the baseplate easily. The trucks can easily be tuned from "very loose" to "tight." Warning: Riding trucks too loose can cause the hanger to fall off.

Does the axle move?

The axle may eventually become slightly loose side-to-side, but it should not fall out or spin when replacing wheels on the trucks.

What screws work with the trucks?

For the best performance, use only the screws provided or the holes on your baseplates may get stripped.