Dynamic Fingerboard Trucks - What is new with V2?

Dynamic Fingerboard Trucks - What is new with V2?

Dynamic Fingerboards
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Dynamic Fingerboard Trucks V2 Product Guide

This guide is a bit late because the V2 upgrades have been out for a few months already! Even though the product pages do not specifically say "V2", all of the trucks are V2 going forward. Nonetheless, we will still go over the new features of these fingerboard trucks. The V2 trucks feature the same great hangers on an all new baseplate geometry. The angles of the baseplates now match up to a similar skateboard truck profile. They are angle matched with the hanger to provide the best look and performance. Just like the older version, these baseplates are still pre-threaded in the mounting holes for the easiest mounting on your fingerboard.

dynamic fingerboard trucks

The change to the baseplate geometry also allows for a slightly longer kingpin screw thread. This is the biggest performance upgrade since it allows for a longer kingpin that accommodates almost all brands of bushings, and it includes a nylon locking solution that is professionally applied to the kingpin. The locking solution holds the kingpin into the baseplate securely at any looseness that you would desire. No kingpin wobble, no loosening while riding, just a perfect, locked-in kingpin. The best part is that the lowered, rounded screwhead prevents those locknut hang-ups on smith grinds!

dynamic fingerboard trucks kingpin

If you only look at the locking kingpin and the new baseplates, you get a great pair of professional fingerboard trucks, but that isn't the last upgrade. We also include fully custom fit bushings and pivot cups on each set of trucks. Both the pivot cups and bushings feature a medium hardness material that has great tear resistance and longevity. The shape of the pivot cup and bushings perfectly fit the hanger for the best performance tuning.

dynamic trucks fingerboard bushings pivot cups

After all the upgrades, the V2 Dynamic Fingerboard Trucks in 29mm, 32mm, and 34mm provide the best value to performance for professional fingerboard trucks. No matter if you have other professional trucks or buying your first pair of high-end fingerboard trucks, Dynamic Trucks work extremely well in any situation. With our extensive knowledge of the fingerboard scene and products over the years, every significant part of these trucks are custom designed and produced to enhance your fingerboard to the next level!

Check out all of the color variations and sizes of trucks here!

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