Dynamic Fingerboard Wheels - Street Shape

Dynamic Fingerboard Wheels - Street Shape

Dynamic Fingerboards
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We all know that giving your fingerboard set-up a “new pair of shoes”, can completely change the way the board feels. There are a lot of different avenues to go down to try to find that perfect wheel for your set-up. People often consider shape, material, reliability, and color when looking for a new set of fingerboard wheels. It can be difficult to find all of these categories in one wheel. 

Wheels are one of the many products we offer here at Dynamic Fingerboards. When designing these wheels our desire was to create a product that resembles not only the classic street shape, but also have the same feel when you ride them. This slightly asymmetric design allows people to really lock into their grinds. The 64D wheels are made from a urethane material, that is a great balance between grip and slip. Not too much of either one, which allows the rider to feel comfortable riding on rougher surfaces like concrete or smoother surfaces like granite. All of our wheels have single bearings that are extremely secure. Our desire is to present a product that is reliable in the way it operates, so we created a way to ensure that no bearing slips out of its wheel, causing it to be unusable. Lastly, the color of the wheel is important to many people. We currently offer Butter, Pink, Purple, Green, Lime Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Black, and our most popular Bright White fingerboard wheels. All of the wheels and bearings are checked individually ensure they roll smoothly. 

All in all we love our fingerboard wheels. We truly believe they encapsulate the essence of skateboarding. In the time to come, we are looking to expand our catalog of wheels; offering more colors, printed designs, and shapes all with the same amount intentionality we have now. 

Dynamic Wheels - "Bright White" 64D

Dynamic Wheels -

$ 34.00

This is our "standard shape" fingerboard wheel which features a slightly asymmetrical design that allows for easy lock-ins to grinds and grip on all surfaces. The wheels also feature our 64D durometer urethane material that feels perfect for indoor and… read more

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