Dynamic Fingerboard Trucks - Special Edition

Dynamic Fingerboard Trucks - Special Edition

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Over the years fingerboarders from all around the world have been able to easily recognize Dynamic Fingerboard Trucks not only from the unique hanger design, but also the fact that it has the inverted kingpin technology. We have received a lot of feedback telling us how much they love this feature. It gives the rider the ability to grind different obstacles without the fear a kingpin being worn down or a nut becoming loose and falling off.

Upon receiving requests to make a traditional kingpin style baseplate, we decided to plan and innovate how to do this well. We wanted to make a product that fit the desires of the fingerboard community.

After months of planning and designing we created the Dynamic Fingerboard Special Edition Trucks. For this new product we made numerous changes. The traditional kingpin, allowing the user to use a locknut to keep their hangers on. We also changed the profile of the baseplate, allowing the hanger to sit higher than the kingpin. And finally the a small engraving displaying the word "DYNAMIC" on the side. These features give the owner a new way to experience riding Dynamic trucks. 

Many people who are just getting into the fingerboard scene will often ask, "What truck style is better?". Just like almost everything else in fingerboarding, it comes down to preference. What do you like? There really is no wrong answer. Ultimately, both options of trucks perform incredibly well and hold up to the abuse we put them through on a daily basis. 

Here at Dynamic Fingerboards, we like to give the fingerboard community a large variety of options. We want people to be able to create their own "perfect set-up" the way they want, including the ability to choose what style truck. 

Check out our newest Special Edition Trucks:

34mm dynamic trucks special edition locknut

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