Dynamic Fingerboard Conical Cruiser Wheels

Dynamic Fingerboard Conical Cruiser Wheels

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A few weeks ago we released our new Dynamic Fingerboard Conical Cruiser Wheels! After months of planning we are so excited to release these beautifully designed wheels. They were created in hopes to satisfy the fingerboard community that leans toward bigger wheels.

When we look to create something new here at Dynamic Fingerboards, our desire is to design a product that truly emulates something in the skateboard scene. Our new Conical Cruiser Wheels are inspired by bowl wheels, often seen on pool or vert skateboards. We wanted to create a product where people can experience that same feeling. 

These Conical Cruiser Wheels feature a larger flat riding surface due to the conical front profile. With the combination of that riding surface, along with the 64D material and a 8mm diameter, it provides a great riding experience for any surface. The diameter is slightly larger than a street wheel, so these cruisers can still be used on any setup that you want. Whether you enjoy riding transition in a bowl, wooden park style ramps, or street on concrete ramps and surfaces, these wheels provide the perfect combination between the smoothness of plastic wheels and the grip of urethane. You get the classic urethane squeak without the difficulty of too much grip on certain surfaces.

Here at Dynamic Fingerboards, we take pride in our wheels. Our desire is to create a realistic product that people in the fingerboard community can not only thoroughly enjoy, but also take confidence in!  

Check out the new Conical Cruiser Wheels! We are always developing new colorways, so keep an eye out for those as well!

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